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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


2.11 Determination of Starch
              The starch content was determined by Lane and Eynon method. Rice powder (5g) was taken in a beaker and 30 ml of water was added. It was transferred to the water bath and heated at 60ºC for 25min.Then 100ml of 95% ethanol was added to it and stirred by magnetic stirrer for 15 min. It was filtered through Whatman filter paper no. 2 .The residue was soaked in the 50% ethanol solution for 1hr.After that, the residue was washed on the filter paper with the 50% ethanol solution for 4  hrs. The residue was collected to a round bottom flask and 100 ml of water and 20 ml of HCl added to it. The flask was attached with the condenser and heated for 2.5hrs.Then it was allowed to cool and neutralized by adding NaOH solution (40%). 10ml of  Fehling solution was taken in to a conical flask and titrated against neutralized sample solution. When CuSO4 .5H2O like color was observed, then 3 drops of methylene blue indicator was added and continued titration. The end point was indicated by brick- red color.
The starch content was calculated by following formula:

 ii)     (%) starch (%) Reducing sugar×0.9

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