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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Criteria of a good plant layout(FET-403)

Criteria for a Good Layout:

The designing of a layout is a creative exercise. The use of work study methods and industrial engineering techniques are helpful in designing the layout. Following are some of the criteria that need to be satisfied by a good layout.
 Maximum flexibility
A good layout is one that can be rapidly modified with the changing environment.
Maximum coordination
All the departments or functions must be arranged in such a manner that it is easy to coordinate their activities with the issuing or receiving departments.
Maximum visibility
The layout should have no hiding places in which goods or information can get misled.  All the people and materials should be readily observable at all times.
Maximum accessibility
All the servicing and maintenance points should be readily accessible.
Minimum distance
All unnecessary and circuitous movements should be avoided and all movements should be direct.
Minimum handling
The handling of material and information should be minimized by using appropriate devices.
Minimum discomfort
Good lighting and ventilation have to be provided. Excessive sunlight, heat, noise, vibrations and smell should be minimized.
Inherent safety
Safety should be an important consideration in each and every layout. No person, worker, customer or passerby should be exposed to danger.
Efficient process flow
Intersection of work flow and transport flow should be avoided. Material or information must flow in one direction only.
Workers must be provided with their own work space. Provision of a space with which a person can be identified helps enhance the person's morale.  

Source: http://www.expertsmind.com/learning/criteria-for-a-good-layout-assignment-help-7342872996.aspx

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