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Monday, August 10, 2015

Determination of Crude Fibre

Determination of Crude Fibre
The fiber content was determined according to the method reported by Ayesha et al. (2002) with some modification. Fat free (2gm) sample was taken in a 500 ml beaker and added 200ml 0.255 N H2SO4 then boiled for 30 min. volume constant by addition of distilled water at frequent interval. After that the mixture was filtered with muslin filter cloth and residue was washed with hot water until free from acid. Then residue was transferred into beaker and 0.313 N NaOH 200 ml was added and boiled 30 min. After that 30 minutes the mixture was filtered through muslin cloth and residue was washed with hot water till alkali free and then washing with alcohol and diethyl ether. Then it was transferred into crucibleand dried at 1050C for overnight. Then crucible was heated in a muffle furnace at 6000C for 3-5 hrs after that cooled and weighed. The crude fiber was obtained by the following formula:

w1 = weight of crucible with ashed sample
w2 = weight of the crucible
w = weight of sample

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