Aassalamu alikum how are you I hope you are all well. All the praise to Allah subhanahu oatala.I am Abu Saeid Studying MS in Food Processing and Preservation in Hajee Muhammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Dinajpur. Stay in Zia hall room no#226# 1st floor in HSTU campus, Basher hat, Dinajpur.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Food Science and Technology

Food Science and Technology
Programme Title: B.Sc. Food Science and Technology
Food Science and Technology is a field of integrated study of basic sciences, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Biotechnology, Engineering Technology for the development and management of food resources.  The discipline exposes the nature, composition and properties of food materials and their behaviour during processing, handling, storage, distribution and utilization.
The Food Science and Technology programme is designed to provide a practical and theoretical training on:
•    The conversion of raw agricultural produce into processed, packaged, shelf stable food products and intermediate industrial raw materials.
•    Different aspects of food preservation
•    Establishment, maintenance and assurance of food quality.
•    Design and maintenance of food process machineries.
•    Direct practical experience in food industries, food research laboratories/station and governmental agencies responsible for the formulation and enforcement of food laws.
•    Entrepreneurial skills that will make students self reliant/employed on graduation.
Food Science and Technology attracts students with a wide and flexible outlook, those for whom the pure science, engineering and other applied sciences appear restrictive. The programme last for 4-5 years depending on entry qualification. In the normal 5-year programme, the first two years are devoted to strengthening the basic sciences and a good appreciation of the arts and the humanities; then follows the introduction to Food Science and Engineering in the 2nd and 3rd years, and finally the major courses in Food Science and Technology.
The exposure of the students is reinforced during the 2nd semester of the 4th year by a 6-month industrial attachment to food industries, food research stations, laboratories and related agencies to acquire industrial experience of real work situation. At the end of the industrial attachment, each student submits a report and presents a seminar on his/her acquired experience. In the final year, each student also carries out a specific laboratory investigation or research in any area of food science and technology, presents a seminar on the research and submits a project report based on the research findings.
Job Opportunities
A successful graduate of Food Science and Technology can embark on a teaching career in the University, Polytechnics or College of Technology, undertake advanced studies in any of a number of courses associated with Food Science, Food Engineering, Food Technology, or Nutritional Sciences, Biotechnology, Product development, Extension education, Food Microbiology, Food laws and Regulations, Marketing and Management etc. Graduates are adequately trained to be employed at the senior level in food industries, regulatory agencies, food service, extension organizations and research institutes. Most importantly, food science and technology graduates are trained to be capable of establishing their own small and medium scale food enterprises.   

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